E-Peso Account

E-Peso Account (Dashboard)

Manage your E-Peso account through the user-friendly
E-Peso dashboard. Send and receive funds, pay for your bills or buy prepaid load, add friends and family to your E-Peso account, or check your transaction history all through the E-Peso dashboard.

E-Peso Card

The E-Peso Card harnesses the power of contactless smart card technology and NFC-enabled applications. The E-Peso card is linked to the user’s online account and can be used within the network of affiliated merchants and retailers for payments and purchases simply by tapping it onto any E-Peso NFC-enabled device.

E-Peso Scratch Cards

The denominated E-Peso Scratch Cards can be used to load your E-Peso account for both online and point of sale transactions. Secure, simple, and convenient.

E-Peso Mobile Solutions

Send and receive E-Peso through SMS. As an added layer of security, SMS-PAY features a two factor SMS authentication. User will be required to send a PIN upon transaction and an SMS will be sent once transaction is complete.

Make transactions quick and easy by either tapping your E-Peso Card to an E-Peso NFC-enabled device, or by scanning your QR code.

QR Code

A unique QR code is assigned to each E-Peso user which can be found on their E-Peso dashboard profile. This feature can be used to send funds to beneficiaries or pay at participating merchants.

E-Payment is a proprietary point of sale application that allows member merchants to perform instant and secure cashless transactions with the ability to accept various payment methods such as wallet to wallet, wallet to card, QR code, and card to card transactions.

My E-Peso is a mobile app that allows customers to instantly access their account and manage their funds whenever and wherever they are. It is enabled with the same functionalities as the web dashboard to ensure a smooth mobile transactional experience.

The technology behind TAP+LOAD payments, eAttendant allows instant payment actions through a one-step transaction process. eAttendant supports transportation, event, and other payment access requirements that need quick processing.

E-Peso Contactless Payments

Connective Sticker

TAP+PAY is a line of products developed to revolutionize cashless payments. E-Peso’s unique NFC devices – sticker, bracelet, keychain, ring, etc.— grants the owner direct E-Peso account access and enables cashless payment at any establishment by tapping the NFC device onto an E-Peso NFC-enabled reader. All products when used will be required to enter a PIN for security. The first in the country to use NFC payments with 2Factor Authentication, E-Peso TAP+PAY redefines the standard for security, simplicity, and convenience.

TAP+LOAD works similarly to TAP+PAY but funds are transferred and stored in the device for quick tap and go payments. Perfect for microtransactions, no PIN is needed so payments are done offline while still retaining real-time settlements.

E-Peso Paperless POS System

Shopping Cart

  • Use for online, onsite, and mobile experience
  • List all your items for sale
  • Personalize and upload pictures with detailed descriptions

Inventory Management

  • Track your inventory seamlessly and create alerts for easy monitoring
  • Manage supply and demand more effortlessly
  • Capture data and customize analytics for improved marketing strategy

Other E-Peso Solutions

E-Peso as a digital currency can be used as a means of funds disbursement perfect for salaries, commissions, and incentives disbursements – E-Payroll. This online disbursement solution is instant, capable of sending individual or mass payouts, and is equipped with a transaction log for heightened transparency.


The E-Peso Kiosk enables customers to deposit money into their E-Peso account, load their E-Peso Privilege Cards, and buy E-Peso Scratch Cards. It also offers the same functionality as the E-Peso dashboard, allowing customers to manage their account at their convenience.

E-Merchants are accredited E-Peso merchants authorized to use the E-Payment system and accept E-Peso transactions.