Our Mission & Vision

To provide secure cashless transactions that will promote transparency and ensure integrity in all financial transactions
for any industry whether private or government. Perceived as the future state of money, E-Peso aims to redefine
the country’s financial structure and economy.

About E-Peso

Though providing simplicity and immediacy, the use of cash for frequent transactions can be risky, costly, and inefficient for consumers and businesses, not to mention, the lack of traceability has encouraged the perpetration of fraud. Presently, 90% of transactions in the Philippines are still cash-based. This has become the driving force behind the E-PESO initiative with the mission to create a single electronic payment platform for all transactions in the country.
Our E-Peso solution aims to address the problems associated with a cash-heavy society and shift the Philippines’ financial infrastructure to a sustainable one, promoting efficiency in financial transactions, transparency, and accountability in government finances and operations, as well as advancement in the financial inclusion landscape.

E-Peso is structured to support features such as cashless products, high security, AMLA compliance, mobile money, E-Payment, E-Payroll, E-Merchants, E-Attendants and ATMs, demonstrating that we have the technology necessary for a future-forward undertaking. In terms of the capacity at which E-Peso can impact the country’s development, its implementation is expected to accelerate the shift to digital payments and play a critical role in improving and furthering our society and country as a whole, catapulting us at the same level as other high‐performing emerging economies.

While others are still developing an intuitive and well-functioning electronic payment system, our E-Peso solution is many years ahead of the curve. The advanced yet secure capabilities of our platform will inevitably stir awe and shake the status quo of the financial technology scene as the envisioned forward-changing medium of exchange has been achieved at a much quicker pace.

How it works

IndividualsSign up with your
email address
Small to Large BusinessesTop up your account through scratch cards, over the counter facilities, and participating merchants
Online MerchantsSend, receive, request funds, pay bills, buy prepaid load
Government AgenciesGet E-Peso Card
Educational InstitutionsUse E-Peso to purchase at participating stores
TransportationDownload mobile app for on-the-go transactions

How safe is E-Peso


Sign up with your email address and complete your profile by providing a valid ID.


Top up your account through web banking, over the counter facilities, scratch cards, or ATM.


E-Peso meets, or even exceeds, banking security standards, adheres to global privacy regulations, and is BSP and PCI-compliant.