eChat, E-Peso’s own chat app, to launch in third quarter of 2016

eChat, E-Peso’s own chat app, to launch in third quarter of 2016

Written by e-peso July 8th, 2016


E-Peso was established in 2015 to offer a convenient financial solution for consumers and businesses to transact securely by allowing users to access a digitized equivalent of the Philippine Peso. With already a range of services and having been successfully implemented in local municipalities, E-Peso is set to achieve another breakthrough come Q3 of 2016 – its own chat mobile application called eChat.

Beyond the ability to send and receive messages, eChat will allow users to send and receive funds in real-time within the application. eChat will also include standard chat features such as the ability to send and receive voice and video messages, as well as photos and documents. E-Peso’s thousands of members can exclusively access this chat application via download on Android or iOS or straight from their account, adding more fun into the whole experience. While the E-Peso dashboard provides ways for users to enjoy real-time financial transactions at very low fees, the eChat mobile app anticipates to level up the digital game as it brings functionalities that go beyond the ordinary.

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